About Us

About Pacific Express Cargo

The presence of the development era and the dynamics of industrialists, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs has made various kinds of new invention. Many kinds of products are offered to the consumers for which they certainly need reliable transportation and document settlement means so that the product may reach the consumers place as quickly as possible.

Realizing how big the demand for the product is, businessmen need a precise strategy to choose transportation and services with it accommodation, settlement in good document processor. To answer that matter, PT. Pacific Express Cargo International Freight Forwarders as a Worldwide Services, established in 1977, clarify itself as one of the Exporter Corporation located in Bali and it worldwide networking.

Vision and Mission

The future and globalization are the change, challenge, and opportunity along with the emergence of the new markets. Hard work and customer trust are the basic foundation of our service. Professional service with the competitive price which guarantees the customer satisfaction is our mission to face the challenge in the future.


The best quality service to the customers is our concern at Pacific Express International Freight Forwarders so that we have certified by ISO 9001-2000 which reflects the standard of our service quality. Our company is also one of the IATA Cargo Agent member since 1991 and appointed by the whole international flight which come and leave to from Bali with authorized on special fare and signing their documents.